Videos For Your Business

OK Webside Design creates and edits videos. So, if you already have videos for your business, OK Website Design can easily add them to your website from YouTube or Vemeo. Websites use several different types of videos. There are, of course, explainer videos which “explain” something about your products or services. Explainer videos typically cost

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Why You Need a Logo

If you don’t have a logo, let OK Website Design design a logo for you. There are many reasons why you need a logo. Logos are an important part of every website. Logos show visitors you are a professional endeavor. Businesses without a logo may look amateurish or unprofessional. Logos Grab Attention “More than ever,

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The Importance of Colors

Colors Can Make People Feel Certain Ways Did your English teachers seem to come up with seemingly nonsensical symbolism from every meaningless detail in a book, asking questions like “why did the author make the curtains blue, and what does that tell us about the author’s emotions? Well, it turns out not all of that

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What Is E-commerce?

Some people may want a personal website for a blog, or a portfolio. Some people want to run a business and sell products or services. E-Commerce is the ability to list products or services on your website and sell them online. Whether you run a homemade arts and craft store out of your home and

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