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Joseph, Russell, James

Master Jedi, Web Designers & Artists

A Little About

OK Website Design

From humble beginnings to the best website design studio in Oklahoma.

Family Friendly

OK Website Design started as a family endeavor. We now have an awesome team in place ready to meet any need.

We have been blessed to work with many local businesses and ministries.

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We attend a local church and love listening to Christian music, KXOJ, Air1, TheCrossWorldwide & ChristianPowerPraise


We also love throwing frisbees. developing and writing stories, going to Christian concerts, watching movies together, GoVictory, KCM devotionals, and our cat Moka.

Web Design 100%
WordPress 100%
Joomla 100%
HTML 100%
CSS 99%
E-Commerce 95%
SEO 90%
Graphics & Video
Photo Grahpics 100%
Vector Graphics 98%
3D Graphics 95%
Video Editing 94%
Writing 93%
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